A New Beginning

Wow! I’ve been reading other people’s blogs for about a year and a half. And I felt it was high-time that I started my own so that people can get a glimspe into my heart and what Im thinking. I probably wont post as much as some of you others out there do but hey, if I got the time, I will do it. Please keep me in your prayers and I figure this blog thing out. It seems easy but then again, always gotta learn something new.

I guess one of the first things I wanna share is that God is good. All the time! After 10 years of volunteering to lead deaf ministries, God answered my prayer finally…with a full-time paying job. Now I know some of us out there are saying, money is not everything. But when you volunteer for 10 years with little or not pay at all, and you have a wife and kids to help feed, it begins to bring you more harder on your knees to pray for that one blessing to happen. Lo and behold, God answered! 

 So adding to that and finishing this blog, my thanks and appreciation goes out to those who helped me along the way to this position. A few to name would be Colin Bruner, who was and still is my mentor through the 10 years of my learning. Tim Bender, who is the deaf pastor at Louisville Baptist Deaf Church in my city. The Lord helped him to start me on a journey that helped me to learn the postives and negatives of being a “pastor.” If not for him and leading Deaf Cafe, I have no idea what kind of a leader I would be today. Bob Ayres, who was my first “general” to help me use my gifts as a leader in DeafTeen Quest. And then of course, above all of these guys would be my parents. Mom and Dad has always prayed and prayed for me in my paths into the world. I dont think they would ever have thought that their oldest son would be a pastor to the deaf. But overall, they were my ultimate cheerleaders from before I started my path to serve the Lord. Thanks guys! And thanks to all of you who helpled me along my way. With thanksgiving coming around the corner, we need to take the time to thank those who helped us on our journey to where we are today.  Until next time, lets do that, shall we?


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