Family time VS Church time

i found an interesting article while I was preparing for my sermon for an upcoming event at Western KY University, where I have been asked to preach. It talks about the comparing of people who use “family-time” as an excuse to miss church… read it here:

2 thoughts on “Family time VS Church time

  1. Interesting article. I do think most of the “family” reasons people miss church for are nothing more than excuses. My wife’s family tend to do a lot of get-togethers on Sundays, and I have made it clear that Sundays belong to the Lord, and that we will hang out with them later. 😉

    I think the only valid “family” reasons for missing church tend to be illnesses. If our kid turns up sick, I’d expect Tricia to stay home unless she had responsibilities that day, then we’d ask her mom to step in for us. If it were me or Tricia who was sick, I’d expect the one of us who is not sick to go to church.

    Of course, then you have a situation like Pastor Tim’s. With his wife in recovery from surgery and other health issues, his situation is the example of a legitimate “family” excuse. That situation is almost totally dictated by the ill family member.

    But as to any excuse other than illness (unless, of course, you’re on vacation or going out of town or whatnot), I just have to say “hogwash.” You can’t give your family the right kind of attention if you are not giving the Lord the attention he requires us to give him. And you are just telling your family that God isn’t that important. Your duty to worship God trumps everything.

    I agree with Dr. Mohler in the article you linked. We are probably not “doing church” the right way if church is seen as a barrier to family time. How can we, in the Deaf world, combat that?

  2. I think the only proper thing to do is to show it ourselves. I know there tend to be people sometimes get up in the middle of the service sometimes and leave for a family function because its far from church or it starts early time and we need to be there on time. I cannot count the number of times where I had to miss or be late for a mothers day or fathers day outing because i stayed for the entire service at church.

    It starts with us as an example. If we preach it, we need to practice it and show it. Its tough, i know but gotta do it.

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