A Deeper look into our Deaf Ministry Part 2

In the first part, I showed what we have as far as classes / worship / small groups within the church walls. Now I will be showing what we do for our community for members and nonmembers…which some are outside of our church events…

We have Deaf Social events which we rotate every month with 2 other churches in our community area. We provide food with everyone bringing potluck dish to share. We also have games, drama, music, fellowship, and provide support for those who need to talk about prayer needs or decisions..




We also have fellowships that are hosted by a member of our ministry at times like Memorial Day, July 4th, etc. This is from our Memorial Day weekend hosted by Randy Bowman (interpreter for our deaf ministry)..


We also have occasion Movie Nights to encourage fellowship, watching a movie with subtitles, and potluck food to share with others.


Thats about all for that…next one I will post about our small groups for Deaf Men’s ministry, Deaf Women’s ministry, Church events, and Interpreters….

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