Deaf Ministry Evaluation

I came across an old evaluation that was given to me from my staff-leader at my former church, Valley View Church. It was a deaf ministry evaluation form that I had to fill out and send back to them. Sadly, I held onto it and never turned it in. But it might help those out there who may want to do this for the fun of it or maybe to really sit down and reevaluate your Deaf Ministry for  changes in 2008. Or maybe bring it before your leadership team /committee team for group discussions.  I have no idea where this is from but here it is…

Deaf Ministry Evaluation

 Heart for Deaf Ministry

  1. Is the mother-church committed to the Deaf Ministry in the long term? What is the ultimate vision of the Deaf Ministry?
  2. Is the pastor or pastors, committed to the Deaf Ministry? (you can never build a successful Deaf ministry without a person with a pastor’s heart)

Stages of Deaf Ministry

  1. Interpreting Ministry – Interprets when Deaf people come. No Deaf Bible Class. Deaf people are onlookers and not involved.
  2. Deaf Ministry (Hearing Church) – Deaf Bible Class. Deaf people involved as ushers, greeters, teachers, helpers, etc. Have outreach events and group meetings. Teach to needs of Deaf members.
  3. Deaf Church – Separate services – Deaf Language & Culture. Meet the needs of the Deaf community. Need 50+ Deaf people. Can meet at hearing church property or separate.

Deaf Ministry Program

1 Interpreters

  1. Qualified – Know sign language well enought to clearly communicate the message. Spiritually qualified to interpret. Meets church worker guidelines.
  2. Beginning Sign Language Class – One a year or ongoing. Can be 2-week, 10 weeks, etc.
  3. Intermediate Classes – Teach how to interpret, not just sign
  4. Advanced Training – Skilled interpreters attend outside workshops

 2 Deaf Class

  1. Develop good Deaf Christians, leaders, preachers, missionaries, etc
  2. Taught in Sign Language to the needs of the Deaf people
  3. Divides classes when age or spiritual maturity levels factor
  4. Uses visual aids, interaction, Deaf culture

3 Outreach

  1. Gatherings – do pastors or leaders go to where Deaf people meet: Mall, restaurants, bowling, organizations, coffeehouses, etc
  2. Home Bible Study – Involves nonmembers and unsaved Deaf people
  3. Visitation – Goals (1) Make friends (2) Invite to church (3) Win to Christ
  4. Mailing – Newsletters every 2 months of church events or announcements
  5. Teach church to be aware of Deaf people — Look for ILY, door lights (wires), Deaf Child signs, Deaf people in shopping centers, work, driving. Note addresses, locations, and any other information.

4 Activities

  1. Monthly – a time of Christian fellowship and evangelism
  2. Invite all Deaf – especially unsaved
  3. Program – Does it have visual aids to help Deaf understand better? Dramas? Songs in ASL? Games to match the audience’s abilities?
  4. Devotion – Always have a spiritual emphasis. Good time for evangelism

5 Advertising

  1. Church information – service brochures / bulletins, tracts, flyers – should include statement about the Deaf Ministry. Should also include contact information, service times and any upcoming events.
  2. Website – information on the deaf minsitry and updated every month as much as possible. Try to use pictures so nonsaved Deaf can see what kind of opportunities are available at the Deaf Ministry.
  3. Flyers – for deaf ministry activies and special events. Mail or hand outs. Take to Deaf gatherings or organizations which serve Deaf people.

I thought this was an interesting evaluation. I hadn’t read it forever. I do not think that many Deaf ministries or Deaf churches have 50+ Deaf people…if we included the spouses and children of Deaf..maybe that number would make sense. Anyway hope all of you could benefit from using this somehow and maybe when 2008 comes around, we can all work on a few changes within our Deaf Ministries to provide better services and better accountability to our Deaf communities.  

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