Deaf Ministry Updates….

This past Friday, we had our annual Christmas Party at our church for the interpreters and the deaf people to fellowship and have a great time. We had a great turnout! We viewed our annual Deaf Ministry Movie which included pictures and slide-shows of events that was either held at our church or outside of the church with our members / attendees being present.

Its always been a priority of mine to appreciate all volunteers during the Christmas Party. We showed appreciation to 14 interpreters and 8 Deaf volunteers. We also had a special honorary time for one of our interpreters who had been at our church serving for 20 years, Brenda Houghton. But apparently, she was unable to come, bummer! We had purchased a beautiful art piece drawn by a deaf artist that I met at the local ASL expo back in September.

Then we made a great big announcement which I know God will bless and will guide us through it step by step.  We announced that on March 22nd, 2008…we will launch the beginning of our very own Deaf Church. The Deaf Church is still in its deciding stages as far as time, training, praying, and planning. The entire year of 2007 was a meeting and planning stage for several of our key deaf  members. The cool thing about it is, that our Deaf Church will be on Saturday evenings with a time-block of 4:30pm to 7:30pm for our arranging of the worship schedule. At least for this time, noone has an excuse to sleep in and miss the deaf services. (smile!)

This is truly a big reward for me as I have waited patiently for the Lord to lead me to the right church and assure me if He wanted me to set up a new Deaf Church somewhere. A few years ago, I was looking outside of the Louisville area for a pastor position and never even looked or thought about Southeast Christian Church. I had applied for positions in Johnson City, Tennessee…Bowling Green, Kentucky… St Louis, Missouri…but none of them seemed to be right. Here all along, in the city of Louisville…is where God wanted me to stay.  But again, it would not have happened without key people which I have already mentioned before in my very first blog…Bob Ayres, Colin Bruner, and Tim Bender were 3 very influential people that helped on my journey as a Deaf pastor.  Has it come full circle yet? No I don’t think so…. the launching of a new Deaf Church is just the beginning….we have so many people to reach out to in our area and I pray that through our Deaf Church we can be able to help others in their deaf ministries to reach the lost Deaf people for Jesus Christ! Amen?

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