All I want for Christmas is….

….I think we all go through that stage. Friends or relatives usually ask this question in the middle of a conversation, “Steve, what do you want for Christmas?” And usually I get stuck or I think of something totally crazy that I know I will never get (like them Hummers, eh?) But seriously, what do you really want for Christmas?”….

I can think of a million things that I always wanted when I was a kid but never got. I remember asking for and getting a Masters of the Universe: Castle Grayskull play-set along with some He-Man action figures. I remember asking for and getting a Star Wars: Millennium Falcon ship. I remember asking for and getting Transformers: Optimus Prime robot figure. I remember asking for and getting a stereo system with CD+cassette+record player. I remember asking for and getting alot of other things…but as we grow older, it seems almost harder to ask for something and receive it when you actually want it.

I can honestly say that my perspective on Christmas changed dramatically when I had kids. Why? Because its not about what will I get….its about what can I give them? Its not about how many gifts will I get….how many will they get is the focus. Its not about how will we afford to get me something…my joy at Christmas comes when I see my wife and my kids enjoy the gifts that they have. I can remember one Christmas where me and my wife agreed to not get anything for each other and only focus on the kids…but I couldn’t stick to that agreement, I wanted my wife to enjoy as well…

So what do I want for Christmas? I would love for everyone to have a satisfying Christmas with their eyes on Jesus as the true reason. Its not about the cookies and milk, its not about the fancy decorations, its not about the snow, its not about the number of presents under your true. We need to look back to the humble sight of that manger with that little baby in it that had a future to provide US a future. 

So may your next few weeks be joyful. may your next few Sundays in church be focused on Jesus, may your next few family gatherings be full of cheer and happiness. And may you look back with thanksgiving and gratitude for what the Lord has done in hopes that 2008 will be a better year for many of you!

God bless and Merry Christmas to all!

2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is….

  1. I remember those toys, dude. I still have my Millennium Falcon sitting in a box in my garage back in Tennessee!

    By the way, your presents will be ready in time for the New Year. 😉

    Excellent post, incidentally. We all must remember Christmas is about the Gospel, first and foremost. If not for the Gospel, we’d have nothing; in fact, we might not even exist!

  2. Yea. I still have my Falcon as well in my garage. I have the older one and the newer version. I still have my optimus prime and my other transformers too.

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