A Deeper Look into our Deaf Ministry Part 3

In the earlier posts last month, I posted pictures and descriptions of what we do at Southeast Christian Church through our Deaf ministry. Classes, bible studies, movie nights, deaf socials, and picnics are a few of them…in this post I would like to share with you the deeper part of our ministry.

I am a firm believer that relationships are to be built within any ministry or church. The key to a large church is small groups. In the church of Acts, they had done so many different things to help grow the church. I believe that one of the things was relationships among the people that helped that growth as well.

Here at Southeast Christian Church in our Deaf ministry…we have a deaf men’s and a deaf women’s ministry. Every month we host an event specifically for that group only. Men will likely do something outdoors like disc golf, cookout, corn-hole, or some other activity. Women tend to do indoors stuff like shopping, mini-golf, restaurant, Starbucks, or something like that.

Who is invited? For the first few events, we had invited all of the people within our Deaf ministry and from the community as well.  After a few events, things didn’t turn out so well..and I asked the leaders of each to start over again with the focus on the men and women of our Deaf ministry first. Now that may be wrong in some perspective, I agree. But if we are going to minister to people outside of the church, we need to first learn to minister to our own group and meet the needs of our group. Its almost like a pastor who can take care of the flock of his church, but can’t take care of his own personal family…that’s a conflict. The first ministry is always the closest one, the family. So in our Deaf ministry, our leaders are learning to meet the needs of our deaf people. Our leaders are learning about the deaf in our ministry. Our leaders are developing relationships and training others as they go along with this. I believe that if things go well, we can soon begin to open up to the community with a stronger bond and a more realistic idea of what the purpose of these ministry events are for.  As usual, we have devotional and prayer time during the event on a selected topic that the leaders will use. Sometimes we will host the event at a person’s home will be lead the devotion themselves. Its a great way to develop relationships and its a great way to start small groups as well.

Here are some pictures from our events… The Deaf women ministry didn’t take any pictures but the guys have plenty…






5 thoughts on “A Deeper Look into our Deaf Ministry Part 3

  1. Cornhole is the newest game thats out now. Its almost like a safer version of horse-shoes. In the picture, is a wooden box with a 4 inch diameter hole. The player attempts to toss 4 beanbags into the hole. Points are kept as well. Its fun and very popular now. Our staff has a cornhole tournament once a month with many players involved.

  2. By the way, i belive it was cornhole-io that Beavis said, not Butthead. I used to watch that show too in my college time. “Fire Fire Fire–bbrrrrrrrrr” (smile)

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