Follow-up on our New Year’s Eve Party

Its finally over! Boy, what an evening! I had been up to 6am in the morning the day before preparing the program, the tech sheet, and doing major printing for our booth. I grabbed 5 hours of sleep and was off to work by 2pm. My wife and kids came along with me to my office to get things set up and make sure everything was accounted for to bring for the party. After getting everything loaded, unloaded, and set up, people started arriving close to around 7pm.

We started with the usual…food and fellowship. But my, oh my, I didn’t expect that many people to show up. We had the usual “worldly” competition such as a Deaf  Poker tournament going on as well as the local Deaf Club hosting a New Yrs Eve Party as well. The only difference was that fact that ours wasn’t charging big bucks to get in. It was great to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen forever.

Food was good. Fellowship was even better. We kicked off with some games and headed into our worship program. Music interpreted in sign language and displays of dramas related to our theme “Be Transformed” from Romans 12:2 were shown. For those of you who may want to know, the drama and music crew wore shirts with the theme on it”Be Transformed” we purchased the shirts from a shirt business called Its the transformers logo from the 80’s cartoon with a slight change (adding the cross into the picture).

Probably the best highlight of everything was how the last drama that we did was so similiar to what our Deaf speaker was preaching about. Many people complimented us for the drama and really loved how blunt the Deaf speaker was preaching. It was funny, before it all began…I told Emmanuel Sterlin (our guest Deaf speaker) that along with the Lord’s blessings, he also had my blessing to “let it loose” as in speak bluntly and boldly to the people because I knew the majority of the crowd were non-Christian folks.

I think the evening was worth the five hours sleep I got though, smile! Even if it is at the “Six Flags over Jesus” church in town..(laughing at Stephen’s comment on his blog)  Gotta love that orange volunteer dude!

Know what’s the best part about it? We get 2 years rest before we need to host New Yrs Eve again! Whew!!  Praise the Lord!

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