Interesting number, isn’t it?  There is a big difference between 211 and 212.   How so?  For those of you who actually paid attention in science class during school years, great. But for those of you who was busy writing notes to your mates or drawing on your doodle-pads…here’s a hint….its related to temperature.  The start of the boiling point is 212 degrees.  How can one degree be so much different for water to boil ? Its a strange thing to think about but it can also be applied to our Christian perspective as well.

If a person knows Jesus as their personal Savior, then they should be “212” assuming that they fully believed, repented of their sins, and confessed with their mouth of their belief in Jesus with no doubt.  The question arises though, “How could a person accept Jesus as their Savior and not be “212 degrees“?  Many of people are still 211 degrees and assume they are saved….. the answer is simply either they accepted Christ for the wrong reasons or they just didn’t fully understand it at first.

So in 2008, the Deaf Ministry at Southeast Christian Church will be launching a new outreach event in replacement of our usual Deaf Socials hosting.  it will be called “Deaf 212.”  How does the “212” apply to the outreach? Simple explanation…..we assume that half of the people coming into the deaf social event will be 211 degrees. Our goal is allow God’s Word to inspire them through deaf music, deaf dramas, and deaf preaching so that the Lord can stir up the hearts and get them boiling at 212 degrees.

We also pulled up a Bible verse that our event name is related to. Its from Hebrews 2:12 which states ” I will tell them your Name and sing your praises when they come together to worship” (ESV)

At Deaf212, we want to do three things for the people who come to our event. We want to tell them about His Name, we want to help them sing His praises, and we want them to come together and worship Him.


We hope that you will join us on our selected dates in January 18th, April 18th, July 18th, and October 17th for an evening with the “Deaf 212” crew.  

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