Interesting post from Stephen

This is interesting and very true especially in deaf churches / ministries….. Read up and share your opinions…

How To Behave In Church

Wise words from fellow Tennesseean Tim Ellsworth:

Don’t be someone who grumbles about your leaders, and someone who criticizes your leaders, and someone who’s always finding fault in what it is that your leaders do. I’ll say this, if you find yourself in a position where you cannot support the leadership of your church, as long as there is no sin in the leaders, as long is there is not some way that they are sinning that needs to be addressed — but if it’s just an issue that you don’t particularly like this, or you don’t particularly like that — either, number one, shut up, or number two, go someplace else. How many churches would be spared so much heartache and so much division if people would do that?

Of course, no one tells people stuff like this anymore. We’re too afraid to “offend” people.

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