What have I been doing lately?

Many of you have probably been wondering what I have been doing lately and I apologize if you visit my blog day after day or week after week to find no change. Its been very hectic and busy with many things lately. I find myself thanking God more and more for volunteers within the ministry because there would be no way I could do all of it.

This past few weeks I have been very focused on the praying and preparing of our Deaf worship services at Southeast. The first one was on March 22nd (Saturday evening). The team did an awesome job with their music, preparing, and tech setup. The Worship coordinator, Brian Timberlake, did very well and was proud of him for what he did for the worship to get it ready, organize it, and lead it.

I also have been preparing the messages to preach. I am given a topic from the hearing church and I do my own messages as God leads me. I find that alot easier but I do know that I also have the freedom that if I don’t feel led to speak on that topic to go whatever the Lord leads me to speak about.

The team is pretty much like my Deaf Cafe years…we come together once a week to talk, discuss improvements, and practice. We setup tech, sound, speakers, etc. We give feedback to each other before and after the church worship. Sara & Derrick Milby, my wife Mandi, Brian Timberlake, and Vernon Gordon have done the music for the last two services and they have been very smooth and wonderful in their song skills. Even though we dont practice as much as we should, I have trusted each of them to practice on their own time and to have some personal worship time themselves.

John Eden and Derrick Milby did the tech for us which involves changing DVDs to set up the music with subtitles, changing to computer for powerpoint displays of bible verses, etc. They also have done a great job as well.

Other than the Deaf church, we have also been preparing for April which will be a very busy month for us. April 18th, we will have our Deaf212 social night which will add about 30 more deaf from a Deaf conference that is being held at our church. It will involve games, guest deaf speaker, and dramas…and maybe one or two songs.  April 25th, we have our first KODA night for kids of deaf parents to come and socialize, play games, and watch short clips, we also will have a guest speaker too for that event.

Anyhow…i also will be taking my first vacation in April to travel somewhere and then on April 10th, I will travel to Knoxville, TN to preach at the Baptist Campus Ministry at University of Tennessee. That will be a blessing as I have preached at Western KY, University of Louisville, Eastern KY, and now adding University of Tennesse to the list.

As for family, we have been very excited about the move to Saturday nights for our church worship. Of course that means, we get to sleep in on Sunday mornings but we have also agreed to visit other churches on Sunday mornings occasionally such as Louisville Baptist Deaf Church, or Valley View Church or Graceland Baptist Church but not limiting to only these…we would likely go to visit other churches that have smaller deaf ministries that we may know about.  Its a great blessing to be able to do that from time to time.

That is about all for now that I can share what i have been doing lately… some of you know that I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge back in January at my church for a staff competition. As of now, i have lost 8 lbs. January I had lost 6 lbs. February I gained 3. March I have lost 5 lbs. So please keep me in prayers as I get back on track. It has been hard but I know that I can do it.

Blessings to all!

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