Whats am I doing now?

I have taken a break from blogging lately due to the fact that I had done 3 posts about the Deaf Ministry issues that many people wonder about. Still awaiting my “partner” to write his about Deaf preaching, although I am tempted to do one about Deaf preaching myself, but will wait to see about his post first. Its been a crazy few weeks. 

Our Deaf Church has been awesome. The team has been working well together. The flow of the Holy Spirit has been ongoing and many people are still being called to come forward for decision making. Today, I recieved a newspaper from our church that included an article about our Deaf Church and the impact that it has been making on the Deaf community. It was humbling to see the miracles that God is doing lately. It was also great to see people respond to the messages that God has preached through me week after week.

The last few weeks have really been some of the most compelling sermons I have ever preached. Topics such as: Divorce & Unhappiness in Marriage, Living Together before Marriage, Kids & their much needed role models, and upcoming Why Youth are so Rebellious? Its been a challenge for me to preach on those but the response has been great. After the sermon on Divorce, many married couples had come forward to confess that they had been considering divorce until they heard that the Word of God only gives us 2 options for divorce (Adultery & Abandonment) but thats not to say to be trigger-happy on the idea, but to continue to work on the marriage with everything you have to give into it.

Me and my wife was thinking about the time that we had a small marriage support group which consisted of 3 other married couples from different churches at the time. It was a blessing to have that once a month get-together. We felt that we needed to get that back together as soon as possible. Many of our married couples have “trust” issues so we elected to start within our core group first before we opened it up to others to develop that relational ministry between everyone and set up a support system among ourselves.

The Deaf Men’s events are on hold until September…as of now, we are hosting golf outings for 9 holes on the 2nd weekend of every month (June, July, August) at selected courses. We have opened this up to everyone since we know many of us love to play golf. After the golf outings, we will attempt to go to another park nearby and play corn-hole and fellowship with each other on the same day.

The Deaf Women’s events are also on hold until September…and they too are hosting fellowship get-togethers on selected weekends in June, July, and August. I beleive they will do something a little different this fall with their events as the women’s group has grown more since we first started. More info on that will follow.

Our biggest spotlight now is the fact that our church is asking all of our ministries and our group meetings and bible study classes to align itself to teach a common topic for the month of June and July. The topic is “Heaven”  many of the groups will be using the book that Randy Alcorn wrote which is a workbook. The Deaf Ministry elected to pull information from old materials that another ministry is using as well and convert to ASL for our group to study from. We will start the teaching of Heaven on June 7th and end on July 19th. This will be a challenge and I am sure many of our people will be interested as common questions always arise about the layout of Heaven. (What is looks like? who will be there? what will we do there? Why a new earth / new heaven?) Keep us in prayers about that as we near the date…

On a personal note, me and my family are well. Kids are happy to be out of school. My oldest, TJ, is looking forward to going to 8th Grade Camp at Country Lake which is the Southeast Christian Church Junior High Summer Camp in June. All three of our kids will be going to my parents for two weeks in June as well. While they are away, we will be focusing much of our time and energy on remodeling the house in areas needed. We have already begun to paint some of the rooms and arranging of furniture within the house.

I think as the summer nears, our house will have a total makeover because its something we have always wanted to do but never really had the financial support to do it until now. Along with the buying of stuff, some of our friends have given us free paint, free wallpaper, free whatever to help us get started…its been a blessing.

This past Monday, we had a Deaf Picnic at our church location. Weather predicted 60% chance of rain but we had a backup plan for a move to inside one of the buildings on campus. We had a great turnout of 92 people. Much of them I had not seen in years and was good to be able to share with them about the Deaf Church. Many of them had never been to Southeast before and it was a blessing to welcome them and fellowship with them as well.

Well thats about all for now, folks. Hopefully next time, I will be able to do some more blogging. I am thinking about adding a new page where I can add my weekly sermons on the blog as well, haven’t really decided on that yet. Anyhow, be good in the Lord and enjoy the weather while you can! God bless!

One thought on “Whats am I doing now?

  1. Don’t know how I found your blog, but had to say that it looks like God has blessed your ministry and I praise the Lord for it.
    Thanks for your good words,
    I’ll visit again,

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