Whats up now?

Summer is here and that means what? Alot of vacation time, family time, and of course clean-up time around the house, ugh! We are in the process now of repainting the inside of our entire house…we were originally waiting for our big stimulus check to purchase some things for our home, especially for our bathroom. But come to find out, we will not receive it until next week, grrr! We was hoping to get it while the kids are away from home for the two weeks (my parents elected to keep the kids for two weeks starting on June 16th) We wanted to do it all in the two weeks that the kids were not here, but a blessing happened from one of our friends to purchase paint and a few other things that we needed for our home.

In the meantime, deaf church has been a blessing. I sometimes wonder at the things that God is doing. But as God is blessing many, Satan is also working overtime on many of us. We must be doing something right, I guess! (smile) This past two weeks have been a blessing for me and Mandi, not to say that we don’t miss the kids, but we come to realize that this was a lesson not only for us but for others who we meet. The lesson we are trying to teach is that above all, we put family first. When the kids are with us, we have to submit to helping others because our ministry at home is far more important than any ministry outside of our home. I think Satan has just about had it with me and Mandi meeting people that last few days. We met a couple this past SUnday and stayed until 4am in the morning. Then we went to another couple’s home and spent the night there but was up until 2am. So God has been working through us but Satan has always been working against us. Our van is acting up again, we have several of our friends in serious crisis, and our internet was accidentally cut off, our videophone hasnt been on for a month due to a fault in our router. So wow! Know what I say?  “Whats next, Satan?” If God is for us, who can be against us? To God be the glory!  Keep us in prayers as always as we pray for you too!

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