This week’s thoughts

What a week this has been for me. Lets review…Monday, my van had to be taken to the shop to check on some things before we head out of town this coming weekend. Tuesday…our church gave us a free pool table which is in great shape….Wednesday…we had a slight disturbance in ministry concerning some of our members…Thursday…we had our first softball game with deaf which I have missed softball for almost a year and half with deaf. Friday…I enjoyed my time with family…Saturday we had a worship team meeting and a great service as well. Today….i went to one of my friend’s son’s birthday party which involved some of our church members and it was a great day.  Oh wow!!! a beloved week and I need to have more of these. This week I will be focusing all of my time on my sermon, reviewing, trying to find the right materials for visuals for my sermon at Ohio State Baptist Conference of the Deaf which I had committed to 2 years ago. Its awesome to still be used by Him in various ways.

Interesting story though, when I accepted the job at Southeast. Many of the committments that I had with conferences and revivals related to other denominations were broken due to the fact that I was no longer serving at a Baptist church. There was actually 5 altogether that I was scheduled to do in 2007 and 2008. Three were dropped due to the fact that I was serving a different church other than what I used to serve. This made me a little upset at first, but then it made me laugh a little afterwards. After all, it isn’t my loss that I am not allowed to serve at a place where I am judged for the church that I serve, rather than the Lord that I serve.  I had to make sure that this conference that I am serving for this weekend knew I was a non-Baptist pastor. And the president was cool with a reply back saying “all that matters is that your heart is in the right place…because once you are baptist, always baptist”  I smiled and I loved that remark.

It will be interesting to see the faces this weekend of those who will just be learning that I am from a non-Baptist church. I also will be leading a music workshop which will be teaching people how to express a song in ASL, rather than word-for-word english. This is my first time doing a music workshop but I have confidence in the gifts that God has given me to do this.

Also..for those of you who may not know, our softball team has its own blog…I am the coach and I wanted to post the stats of each game and overall game as well online for those to see.  You can view it here at:

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