Whats up with me lately?

I feel like this is about the only thing I ever do is tell you guys whats up with me lately…there are so many other things I want to put on here but seems my time has been preoccupied with somethings that I love in my life. Such as my job, my family, my friends, and of course above all, my Lord.

The last time I posted anything on here were pictures from the windstorm damage which was about 3 weeks ago.  Alot has happened in those 3 weeks since I’ve been on here.


First off..of course the insurance people came and looked at my damages. Apparently it seems that the possibility of replacing the roof on my home and on my garage is an option but have not made any final decisions yet.

This Saturday is my family reunion in Clarksville, Tennesse which I will miss. It is actually the first time they will get together since my grandmother passed away in 2000. Alot of people know about the change God has made in my life and is urgent to see me, my wife, and my three kids which they have never seen before. Its becoming hard to realize that I have to miss alot of family events due to the fact of Saturday evening Deaf church. Not to say, that I wish it was a different day, it has been a challenge for me and my family and my immediate family as well but i know the Lord will bless us with other opportunities later. There is always next year and I intend to go next year for sure.

This weekend is my kids Fall Break. We are going to see about doing something for the kids this weekend. Its been a long time since we have done anything as a family other than YMCA, watching movies together, or going to the park. I mean going to see a movie, going putt-putt, or something that is kid-fun. 

Me and Mandi have come up with the idea of a “Date-Night” sort of thing with our kids. For example, me and TJ would go to movies together and watch something, then go get icecream… then the next week…Mandi and Faith go do something… then the next week…Me and Kamayla will go do something….then the next week mandi and TJ….the next week will be me and Faith…..the next week Mandi and Kamayla….it makes it more interesting because we can give our full attention to one child and they enjoy this alot.


Southeast is a wonderful church. The more I work here, the more I appreciate the position, the more I thank God for this opportunity. The Deaf church is awesome in its own unique way. For those of you who do not know, we have been “to hell and back” the last two weeks. Its been an ongoing battle and it will continue to be an ongoing battle. Those of you who are pastors or leaders probably can relate when I say “Its been a priviliege to serve the Lord through these battles.” Because like a captain who sits next to his captain in battle, all of the soldiers and all of the front-lines are doing their jobs to unite together to overcome the enemy but yet all along, they put their faith in the one true Captain. Sorry for the analogy there….been watching too much war movies lately.  Anyway, we have had several issues that have arised in our need of attention and lately they have seem to cooled off…but every minister knows that when the ocean tide calms down, there is yet another bigger wave soon to come.

The new series that I am preaching on is an awesome series. Its called “The Journey Deep” which is an encouragment to all to accept a journey deep into the studies of 1 Corinthians. Recently was titled “From Divisions to Unity” which reflected from 1 Corinthians Chapters 1-4.  The following weeks which last for 10 weeks will be different things that Paul taught to the church of Corinth about differnet issues. I encourage you, if you haven’t already…come and join us for the journey! 

Deaf212 will be soon on October 17th. We are hosting a movie night with pizza. We decided that since we did 3 social events full of dramas, music, games and 3 different special guest speakers…its time for a breather and let us enjoy ourselves with no responsibilities like the past events.

YODA will be on October 24th…me and TJ will be coming up with something soon. For now its at 6:30pm for kids who have deaf parents, or relatives but ages 5 to 18 years old (must still be in high school at age 18)

We are planning for two major events for the rest of the year…one is the Christmas Party which is on December 19th (Friday)  it will be an open Christmas party to all of the community. In the past, we closed it off for space reasons due to the small room that we were only able to have. This year will be a celebration time. We have asked Colin Bruner to come speak for us…we will have a time of worship music, games, devotional led by Colin and a deaf ministry appreciation time with a movie of all pictures from 2008 year. Again this is open to everyone. It will start at 6pm in Fellowship Hall 2nd floor (where New Yrs Eve Social was last year)

The second event is the New Yrs Eve Social at Graceland Baptist Church. The three chruches combined for every three months socials (Louisville Baptist Deaf Church, Graceland baptist, and Southeast Christian) now combine for one major social event at New Yrs Eve. Please keep this in prayer as we begin planning and praying for this. it will be at Graceland Baptist Church in New Albany, IN at 7pm to ???? Everyone is invited as well. More info to be posted later

The next time you see me post…i will likely do something mroe ministry wise, rather than personal..

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