Updates as of March 2009…

Hello to all my friends and those who come to view my blog…I have been pleased with the outcome so far and the comments that I have recieved so far from many of you. Many of you email me time to time again about my blog posts, hows ministry, hows the family, etc.

Things have been very hectic lately. I think those of us who are in the ministry role of a leader or a pastor can fully understand what I may be going through. Lately, I have only been posting my sermons. But as of now, I will be removing all of my sermons and moving them to another area possible when the time comes.  This will be posted with the address to find the sermons. It will be awhile, so be patient please.

I also been busy preparing for a One Year Anniversary Deaf Worship on March 21st. This will be a great time for many of us who have seen the past year for many weeks. Many of us have grown, many of us have seen the ups and downs, many of us have also been a part of the changes in the past year. Many people have grown in faith, many new faces added, and many people come and go. The special date will be dedicated to celebrating a time of thankfulness and faithfulness to our Lord. If you happen to be able to make it, its on March 21st at our church at 5pm. Another exciting thing about this is that because of our growth in attendance and the awareness of specific needs in our worship experience, we will be moving to another room which is Fellowship Hall on the 1st floor. This will help our worship experience tremendously. With the elevated stage, the dual projection screens, and the use of lighting. Praise God!

Other than that, family has been great. Mandi has been an awesome inspiration to many of the women that has come into our ministry. We have added new faces to our women’s group and Mandi has been committed to her one-on-ones with many of them.

TJ, Faith, and Kamy has been very busy as well with school, friends, and remodeling in our home. We have remodeled the whole upstairs with the bedrooms, the floor, the walls..and new furniture. Still have lots more work to do as we get ready for Spring.

I am also honored to be assisting some outside people who have called me on the videophone lately to ask questions about deaf minstry related issues. One of them was in California and was starting a brand new deaf ministry. I have even spoke with someone from the church that Rick Warren is the pastor of. A person was curious about several things that we were doing and the steps to getting a similiar thing done there. God is good!

As of now, Easter Passion is around the corner and we have 4 nights interpreted for the Deaf section. If you are interested in seeing one of the most awesomest drama portraying Jesus’ last hours on earth, please go to Southeast Christian website and look for tickets. Our interrpeted dates are March 13th, March 20th, March 22nd, and March 27th. Tickets are $17 each.  Hope to see you there! God bless!

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