Our World, who is in control?


This week, I am reflecting and looking at several scriptures related to this topic.

I was reading an article online in preachingtoday.com and it said :

“Those who worry about stress, financial issues, family issues, job issues, and other forms of stresses OFTEN are the ones who do not trust God enough. Trust in God helps us to learn from our past. Trust in God helps us to reduce our worries for today. Trust in God helps us to think about today, not tomorrow”

Now…that is so true in many of our lives. We worry about money being tight for the next few weeks…we worry that the country is going to get deeper into war talks….we worry about our kids…we worry about our home….we worry about our health…we worry about every little thing that comes our way..

In the past few weeks, we have been through the FIreproof series on how to improve your relationships with your spouse, with your friends, and above all, your relationship with God.

I think in those weeks…God was teaching me to be a better husband and a better friend but above all…He was teaching me to rely on Him more.

Have I done that? in some areas, yes.  In the areas where its needed mostly, no

More than anything..I would love to give up all of my areas of strengthes and weaknesses to Him so that He can make things better… but during the times of transitioning control and changes…lessons are taught and lessons are learned. It is in these lessons, where I learn to humble myself and say “God…this happened for a reason that only YOU know…but whatever the reason is…you are the one in control of it, not me.”

Too often…I want to make the decisions…I want to make the changes…I want to see this person commit more…I want to see something done without me having to finish it up…I want…I want…I want…I want….. in the world of Ipods, Iphones, Itunes…there is no room for any “Iwants”

In the last few weeks…I have encountered many things and people about their struggles. And it burdens me that those issues evolved over time that something could have been done. Whether it was something that I could have done to better the situation or seeking help to help that situation, but God has taught me… “not your battle, steve” “Let them learn, and let them seek me”

The other day..I had a friend of mine tell me that they blamed me for their backsliding from the Lord because I failed to assist or help them in areas that they needed.  At the moment, I felt..”Wow..Steve, you idiot. You are losing one of the flock because you didnt tend to this sheep” But then as the conversation went on, i was reminded that I am only a messenger of the Lord.  My job is to feed the Word of God to others so that THEY will be empowered to do what the Word of God commands.

I plainly told this person “I am not responsible to hold your hand all day to make sure you are right with God. That is YOUR responsibility, not mine”

In that incident..it almost sounded like he wanted me to control his situation…but eventually…we must allow God to control our situations, not us.

In Psalm 139 it says:

“O Lord, you have searched me and your know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you know my thoughts from far away. You know when I go out and when I lie down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue, you know what I will say, o Lord”

I like to think that everyone can say that, because it really it true. God knows all and hears all and sees all. God isn’t some gullible person to be tricked.

I like to think of it as if i am sitting at a table..and the person has known about me all along my life….but the only one for me to meet and get closer to that person is to invite that person to sit at my table with me.  Without the invitation, then we will only know about that person, not KNOW that person.

So an invitation is the key to giving up control….think about it….

  • When we drive a car…we tend to want to drive the car first…because we are in control of its direction. But if we invite someone else to drive it for us….we lose control.
  • When we go through life with all of its messes, struggles, and frustrations….we want to be on control of it all…because we will control its direction…

What would happen if invited someone else to take over and control our life’s direction?

I will leave with that thought….

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