Whats up with the Deaf Watchman?

Its been ages…too long…since I have posted anything on here. Thats a good thing if you think about it. I have been extremely busy with several things.

Teaching ASL Music Classes on Monday evenings to a group of about 10-15 deaf & hearing folks. Some are interpreters and some are signers. The purpose of the class was to explain the purpose of why ASL Music needs to be changed in many ways. Too often people sign a song word for word in english and it doesnt really attract the emotion or the meaning of the song in worship. I taught that there were 4 areas that we need to focus on in doing music in ASL…. Expressions…..Sign Placement….Picture…..Movement…..   its important to do all 4 of these areas in a song. If a song has no expression…then no emotion is shown in the song….. if you stay in one little area while signing…then deaf will not be able to see the full meaning of the song… a friend of mine shared that he spends 18 hours of practice on one song before he signs it..  I am about the same way… i practice my songs a week or two before I need to do them.

Its also important to be different… don’t do the same songs over and over. Thats putting a limit on yourself and God never intended us to limit ourselves in the area of worship music.

On Tuesday afternoons…I teach ASL to a group of church staff. About 20-25 people come to this…most of them are children’s ministry and I.T. ministry staff people. We learn the basic communication stuff like colors, church words, days, alphabet, numbers, feelings, etc.  Its been a great time teaching them while I get to know them personally. It was also fun because they got to be exposed to the person that I am. Most of them did not realize that I was the way that I am. Telling jokes, having fun, having a sense of humor, etc. its been a real pleasure to teach them.

Thursdays…we had softball league. 14 guys (most of them deaf) played a one-pitch league.. we won 2 games the entire season which is a record. We have never won more than 1 game in a season.  We finished with a record 2 – 6.

I have been preaching sermons lately on the study of James….The series is called “F.I.T.”  as in Faith In Training… the book of James teaches us alot about faith and what we should do and not do. Its been a very interesting series and I have found joy in teaching it. Last Saturday, the Deaf church surprised me with a surprise birthday party for my 35th birthday. A little over 90 people came including my parents, my deaf brother, and my grandmother.

A member of our church made a 30 minutes video which consisted of 73 different people saying something short to me about how I had helped them and changed their perspectives. It was emotional and heartwarming to know that God had used me in these people’s lives. I cherish each one of them and hope that one day, they will pass it on to someone else what they learned from me.

Upcoming events….we have a Deaf revival happening at the other deaf church next weekend. If you dont know about it, you need to contact me and I can let you know the times of it and where it is.  There is also a Thanksgiving Worship Night on November 21st at SECC. Dinner will be served after church service. Church starts at 5pm in Fellowship Hall 1st Floor.  Voice Interpreter and Nursery is provided.  We also have a Christmas Party on December 18th at SECC in Fellowship Hall 2nd floor.

Thats all for now… I do most of my updating stuff on my facebook now. I also have a new laptop and webcam attached which I can do more vlogs now.

All in all, its been a great year so far and I couldnt ask for a better turnout than it already is. Praise God!

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