Challenges of Being A Deaf Minister

For those of you who are looking and reading this.. you are probably wondering “Why would Steve put this on here?”  My whole purpose is to draw feedback and give input to those who may be having challenges similiar to what I am experiencing.

In the last year, many of you know..God has blessed me with a small church to oversee and take care of. Over the last year…many have come and many have left. Over the last year…our Worship Team has changed with little addition. Over the last year…our Worship itself has seen spiritual fruit wheras many others are still growing. Over the last year…me, as the pastor, have learned many lessons in overseeing our church.

I have learned that while having a Saturday evening Deaf Church service has its challenges, I am amazed and thankful for those who sacrifice their time / plans to come worship with us.

I have learned that while being the earthly source or tool to present the Gospel and preach to the Deaf people, I have to discipline myself to look for a place to recharge myself by attending other churches to feed me spiritually.

I have learned that when people need me, people need me. My boundaries and my time-frames do not matter if I am to become the peace-maker for many situations.

I have learned that if some of the decisions that I did not make correctly concerning other people, marriages could have been split, friendships could have been broken, family ties could have been hurt, and jobs could have been lost.

I have learned that if some of the decisions that I did not make correctly concerning me & my family: my marriage could be worse off, some of my friends could have been broken off, and who knows, I could have lost my job as well.

As personal as it gets, and as challenging as it has become so far…I know God is going to see me through the rest of it. More challenges will arise and most victories will lie ahead.

The biggest challenges are several things:

  1. Balance between family and ministry.
  2. Meaning No when you say No but want to say Yes
  3. Spirtual outlet = Spiritual intake
  4. Learning that others will not commit as much as you do

Many of you know that I am big big big big on COMMITMENT and when I see others not committing as much as I am, it bothers me.

Many of you also know that I am big big big on confrontations and making sure peace is made between two people. When someone blows off and doesnt attempt to try, it bothers me.

In the next few weeks…i will be making some personal changes to the way that I minister and apply the lessons that I have learned over the last year.

One thought on “Challenges of Being A Deaf Minister

  1. Steve I just want to thank you so much for obeying Gods calling on your life. God calls us to do different things in order to reach a hurting and dying world. God has called me to the deaf and reading all that you yourself go through is very helpful. I am currenlty taking ASL 1 so I am just getting started. However starting the first of the year the church that I go to will be starting a deaf ministry. I will be interpting the sermon may I ask for your prayers. I know that if this is what God is calling me to then he will speek no matter what level I am. Thank you again for all you do. God bless

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