Challenge given by Deaf VLogger

There is a vlogger on Youtube that I found while looking for sermon illustrations. His youtube name is “KenX50”. You may want to check him out but be warned, he is very challenging and can be very intimidating for some people. I was challenged in a positive way. I looked into three of his videos and watched the entirety of all videos.

And then after that….I prayed for him.

I prayed that God would reveal to him the real truth. Many of us are caught off guard by actions or words from people that claim to be “Christians” or claim to be “knowing truth” from God’s Word. I prayed for God to show “KenX50” the truth that he was seeking. In one of his videos, he claims that most or all Deaf Christians are dumb and very gullible to whatever is preached or taught in today’s society.

It was sad to see the many impressions that he claims to have seen through people that he had encountered. It was also sad to see that while he was an advocate of respect, community, freedom of speech…he was also acting as an advocate of “anti-christianity”

In another video, he questioned stories that, to his perspective, conflicted each other. Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2 speaks of God’s creation and how it was done, day by day. “KenX50” went on to discuss that what was said in Genesis 1 is whats mostly taught in today’s churches. But Genesis 2 conflicts it. I got my Bible out to read what exactly he was talking about and later realized….from a skeptic’s perspective, there is some conflict between the two but from a beleiver’s perspective, there is no conflict.

“KenX50’s” challenge is high and mighty to motivate us as Christians to READ OUR BIBLES… because maybe errors will be preached, unbibilical preaching is very common in today’s world and its up to us Christians to make sure we are IN the WORD and of the WORD everyday!

So…may your faith grow stronger today knowing that there are people out there like “KenX50” of Youtube who defends the freedom of speech to contradict God’s Word. May your voice grow more stronger so that YOU can defend your freedom of speech to DEFEND God’s Word.

2 thoughts on “Challenge given by Deaf VLogger

  1. Yeah it is a shame that people like him exercise the freedom of speech to defend their views and when we as Christians exercise our own, we are mocked and being scolded, for lack of a better word. I think prophecy should be an indicator of the Bible’s truth. Jesus fulfilled all prophecies made about the Messiah. Peter and Paul accurately predicted the society we live in today – its characteristics. It’s a shame people like Ken read the Bible but fail to notice the accuracy of all prophecies made in the Bible.

  2. I looked at KenX50’s videos and I realized one thing. His videos are very contradictory. He contradicts himself left and right. He also claims that the Bible was written by white people. Not really. He also claims to know more about the Bible than any deaf Christians and pastors which is interesting. He also claimed to have an open mind but calls Christians stupid, stupid, and stupid. He also welcomes us to have a discussion with him yet at the same time, he claims that we cannot have a discussion with him because he is too smart for us.

    Lastly, I prayed for him…..:)

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