“To be a praying person” means to….

In the last few weeks, I have been challenged on this thought many times. “To be a praying person means to…” I recently have been praying more and more than usual the last few weeks. But thats not what a praying person means to do….. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that many of us will never amass the amount of prayers that God expects of us sometimes.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says “Pray continually” or in the King James Version, “Pray without ceasing”  I often wonder…wow! Pray without stopping? as in non-stop? as in 24 hours a day?  While some may percieve it that way, I tend to beleive that a constant awareness of communication to God is sufficient description of this scripture.

I mean lets face it, How many of us REALLY pray more than normal everyday?

Most of us are used to seeing our parents pray before meals. Or before bedtime. But God desires our communication more than scheduled appointments before we eat and before we sleep. Actually if you think about it….God desires us more than we desire Him. Its true and its sad.

Earlier this week, I had sent an email with a message to wish a family member an early birthday wishes. This family member was the one person who helped introduce me to Jesus. I also went on to apologize for issues and events earlier in my younger years that had caused an “emotional drain” to her and some other family members. My heart was sincere in this apology and I prayed for a reply back because it had been a few years since I spoken with this person, especially about this issue.

This morning, I recieved a reply back. And I was heartbroken. It appeared that because of my actions in the past, some of my extended family are still in doubt of who God has made me become today. My role in ministry is still being questioned by some of my extended family. But I am accepting of the fact that my heart-brokenness could never match the ones that I hurt.

While an apology may do some good for a short time, I am challenged now “to be a praying person” for my extended family.

Lord, I pray that the actions that I did years ago before I became serious in ministry will be forgiven and forgotten. Lord you know my heart and my actions are in a much better place than before. Many of the family and friends have seen my change and have seen the good that you are doing through me. I pray now for the few who have not gotten to see that, who still question me, and who still may have not forgiven or forgotten. I pray Lord that at this moment, that you humble me to be a praying person for these few. I pray that you will heal our hearts and spirits. I pray that you will send comfort and peace upon us so that Satan can no longer be welcome in our family. Lord, I ask for your Hand to guide this and to lead us the way that we must go to find that healing. So that when all is said and done, we can praise You in our storms and praise you in our victories. In Jesus Name, Amen

One thought on ““To be a praying person” means to….

  1. Hello there,

    Good post! I understand what you mean about your extended family questioning your ministry. However, we should remember that God has ordained you to be a pastor or anyone else who have been called to minister. To me, it seems like you have been blessed by God so in other words, it seems like He is not questioning your ministry!

    We all have done awful things to our families and hurt them, including myself. All you can do is ask God to forgive you as well as those who hurt you and if they cannot or question you, then it becomes their problem plus they’re deserving of prayer. In God’s eyes, we become white as wool and Jesus’ blood already washed away our sins.

    Take care,

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