Monday’s Moment……

The last month has been crazzy! Things have been so hectic lately that God just slapped me on the head and told me to slow down and pay attention. I cannot begin to start where and what has gone on in the last month or so. Those of you who follow me regularly will be pleased to know that I will be posting more often than before.

In the last month, some major changes happened that affected me, my family, my extended family, and my church family. Without going into so much details, lets just say…God has re-directed my path into another direction: evangelism. The last 15 years of ministry has taught me so much and has prepared me well for the next chapter of my ministry. God has opened new opportunities along the way and has shown me that He provides in due time. I have limited myself to minimum traveling for revivals, conferences, concerts, etc. But God removed those limitations and now it seems God is bringing more and more attention my way.

One of my passions has been music. Performing signed music for a congregation of hearing / deaf alike. At the beginning of the year, I had none planned for the 2011 year….here I am today with three scheduled (so far) i have learned more new music in the last month than I have in awhile. I have focused myself on studying songs in ASL more than I ever have in the past. It seems God has brought forward that gift beyond my preaching/teaching. It is my prayer that God continues to lift me up so that I can become the music man that God wants me to be.

On top of that, I have started a new part time job which is suitable for my schedule. Flexible and stable. I also have been pondering the idea of starting a new LIVESTREAM Bible study online, but not yet decided. There is another church that has given the thought of a possibility of a videophone preaching or making videos of myself preaching to add them to Youtube and it would be projected on screen within the church for the deaf congregation.

All in all, God has been with us every step of the way.

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