Revival – Renewal – Results!

WOW! Thats mainly the only word to describe this past weekend. The Lord was REALLY, I mean, REALLLLLLLLY working on the hearts of many this weekend. I had several people come to me all weekend talking about things that I have been praying would happen among Deaf people.

This revival was different. It was the first one ever at this Deaf Church. It was a new ministry. New experience, and new territory for everyone involved. Thomas Cook, the Deaf pastor at Dotson Memorial Baptist Church, said “Its finally happening!” Yes, its finally happening…and its not over yet. God is just getting started now with Thomas and his Deaf group.

While I will not go so much into details since I know I said I would share my revival notes afterwards. We just got home today and I am doggone tired! But God used every ounce of my energy this weekend from Friday afternoon with the Dotson Deaf Group with a team-building workshop….to the Friday evening Revival kickoff….to the Saturday morning with the Knoxville group represented by 5 different churches….to the Saturday evening Revival service….to the Sunday morning Revival service…and then ending with the Sunday evening 212jam Concert.  It was WELL worth it. It is my prayer now that the Knoxville community and its leaders will take what they learned and share with others and HONOR God in all that they do or say.

Until next time…..may the Lord bless you and your evening tonight….I am going to go hibernate for awhile. SMILE!

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