Summer Updates of 2012

Awesomeness”  Thats the word I would use to describe this past summer and all that God has done through me, my family, and the 212jam ministry that He has blessed me with. I wanted to take the time to go into each ministry opportunity and explain what was done, and what the results were.

Kentucky Baptist Conference of the Deaf was in Campbellsville, Kentucky at the Campbellsville University on June 8-10th. It was my first time back since 2006. I was asked to lead worship music for the weekend. It was great to worship with old friends again. I got to have a real heart-to-heart talk with several Deaf pastors while there. Me and my wife, Mandi attended alone and it was a great opportunity for us to “minister” to other “pastor & wife” teams.  Brother Ricky Milford of Alabama did a splended job on presenting the message on “Each One – Reach One” challenging each one of us to reach one person and spend extra time with that one person to train and mentor in the Lord. I came home with a passion to do so and began exploring ideas on how to help the conference to improve. I also had a burden for the Youth in our conference. So for next year, I will be volunteering to take care of our Youth in next year’s program.

Masters Hands For Christ Deaf Church on June 15-16 in Swartz Creek, Michigan was the first Deaf Revival of the summer. John Bielien was the pastor who invited me. I knew him and his group from the Deaf Cafe years and we bonded greatly through mentoring and constant communication through the years. The church was very friendly and took care of us well. We stayed in a house right next door to the Deaf church which was awesome. The purpose of the Revival was to teach “committment” to several things: (1) Follow (2) pray (3) Worship (4) Build.  I also did a 212jam Concert as well.  All of these (except Sunday morning’s worship) was behind the Deaf church under a tent.  So in retrospective, I had my first ever tent revival, YAY! We left with the knowledge that relationships were strengthened and committments had been renewed. Praise God!

Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf was held in Bolivar, Missouri on July 22-27. Me and my wife attended only with the purpose to create new networking opportunities and to reunite with old friends. Workshops were provided throughout the week but only attended two of them which interest me. One was focused on the future of Deaf Ministry work. The other was on ASL Music. I had set up a booth for my 212jam ministry and it create new opportunities for ministry elsewhere. I had many come to me for needs for different areas. This was also the place where I had my first ever music video made on campus. Awesome!  We left with a burden as well to seek out ways to improve the conference and to pray to God where we can help within it. I also volunteered my time for 3 years to help with the Youth there as well. Being immature at heart for 3 more years shouldn’t be too hard, smile!

In His Hands Deaf Ministry @ Crosspointe Church of Nazarene in Salisbury, Maryland on August 3-5 was a one of a kind opportunity. This was a Leadership Retreat focused fully on PRAYER. There was about 15 or so in the group and we learned how to pray, who to pray for, and why to pray. We did team-building exercises that everyone seem to enjoy. I did a mini-concert with 4 songs to help lead the last segment into a deeper prayer focus time. We closed off with teams of two praying for pages of prayer requests that I had collected from the weeks before. I had noticed the people became prayer-warriors after reading these pages and learning that people out in our community are in need of a Healer. It was a heart-changing experience for many, including myself. At the sunday morning service, I handed each person a wooden block. The wooden block represented something in our lives that we needed to let go and let God take care of it. It was great to see many confessions come out of it and much renewal in the Lord happened. Later that evening, the pastor and his family treated us to an evening at Ocean City, Maryland which was beyond beautiful.

Liberty Deaf Camp was held in Madison, Ohio from August 12-17th. Me, Mandi, and my three kids attended the camp. I was honored to pastor the camp all week which consisted of about 180 people all week. The theme was “Focus On God” and I used various scriptures from a guideline that the camp gave me. By Tuesday Night, the Lord started working on the hearts of these young kids. Decisions were made little by little to follow the Lord. Three important words that was taught and reminded all week on how to Focus On God (1) Be Action (2) Be Strong (3) Be Example.  Wednesday evening, I had shared my personal testimony which impacted the evening. Many came forward to express their need for a Healer, their need for forgiveness, and their need to express a similiar testimony. God really worked that evening!  Thursday brought together 41 total decision: 21 decisions for salvation, 9 rededications, and 11 baptisms. Of the 11 baptisms…one of them was my daugther, Kamayla (August 16, 2012) will forever be a special day as I baptized her that evening.  We left camp with a joyfyl feeling and look forward to seeing God’s work more in the future.

God has done some extremely awesome stuff this summer through 212jam.  I look forward to seeing more of His Work soon.  May the Lord bless you and your ministry as well, as you continue to serve Him!

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