Deaf Day of Prayer

In 2009, the Lord cast an idea to me. A vision….Deaf people from all over…coming together…to pray…. different churches….different denominations…different people…coming together to do the ONE thing that we are expected to do…PRAY.

And not only just to PRAY, but to pray for each other…in spite of all the doctrinal differences…prayers still are lifted up to one God, one Savior.

In January 2010, I announced the first Deaf Day of Prayer and began inviting people that I knew in the area as well as the states bordering mine. For three straight weeks, I aggressively prayed, invited, prayed, invited, and prayed. The result? 142 people showed up….22 different churches….14 different pastors of Deaf churches. What an awesome experience!

We had a regular worship service led by Deaf, music by Deaf, prayers by Deaf, and I gave a challenging message on PRAYER.

I presented the challenge to PRAY more WITH people, not just for the people….whats the difference?

When you pray for someone…it sometimes becomes an “inactive prayer” or in the words of the Deaf people, “taking cheap.” But if we pray WITH someone, the prayer is in action right there, on the spot, in front of that person.

The challenge was laid out….and to this day, I still hold to my own teaching. Whenever I see a prayer need, I will pray on the spot to that person or in a message, or in an email or on the videophone in front of that person. Isn’t that the way prayer should be done?

In 2011, Mount Pleasant Christian Church adopted the idea and hosted a Deaf Day of Prayer in August of that year. I was invited to lead worship music and to close with prayer for the leaders and pastors in the area.  The Deaf Day of Prayer hit home for many of them….and the challenge was laid out again.

Now in 2013, we are praying that someone hosts the Deaf Day of Prayer once again….with the way our economy, our government, and our leaders are reflecting some of our neglecting of God’s Words…..we need to be be on our knees praying more than ever… we have a potential candidate for this year’s host. But it should not stop at one…. please be in prayer to maybe host a Deaf Day of Prayer at your Deaf Church or Deaf Social event.

If you would like more information about what it takes to do this sort of thing, please email me or call me via videophone. I would be happy to help. May God bless you!

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