Burdens of the Heart

You know something?…(silence)

I have a burden. Its a pretty big one if you ask me. Prayers have been lifted up….mentors have been summoned….seeking scriptures to help guide me to what I must do….and it all comes down to one thing….(silence)

Yea…thats it….just silence….

It is now heading into Thanksgiving 2013 now…my travels for evangelism work has slowly decreased. Which is pretty great timing because all three of my kids are involved in sports. My oldest, TJ who is 18, is involved in his senior year playing high school basketball. This is an important year for him as he will be attracting college scouts for his ballplaying skills and his height (7 feet tall) He already has some potential prospective schools looking at him. My second, Faith who is 11, is playing basketball for her middle school. She is my baby. She is a daddy’s girl, for real. She puts her mind to something and she punches through, just like her dad. My youngest, Kamy who is 8, just finished up her volleyball season with her school and is not fully focused on her first cheer-leading season with the school, as well. They had their first competition and she just blows me away with her energy. On top of the busy sports schedule, I just started working a part-time seasonal job at the local Toys R Us store and I have been enjoying it. One of my bosses is a youth minister and that gives me much needed flexibility for my travel schedule, in case. But aside from the work, the evangelism travels, and the kid’s sports schedules…..I still have a burden….

Every place that I have traveled to…whether its to minister, to serve, to teach, to worship with, to lead, to pray, to counsel, to do whatever it is the Lord leads….has left me a burden…. marriages needed guidance….. men needed to be mentored….. women needed to be counseled…… pastors needing support…… church congregations needing to be taught about love and unity….. worship needing to be more focused…… hearts needing to be mended….. I leave each church group crying and burdened…..

I ask the Lord to show me what more He wants me to do…..

Recently I came home from one of my travels and something that he said caught my attention….. “Its good to go out and teach people about the Lord. But we can’t forget the people in our own backyard.”

Thats when it hit me…… its soo easy to go to ANOTHER church in ANOTHER city in ANOTHER state and teach people about Jesus. But when it comes to teaching people in our own backyard, it is so much harder.

It would be almost 3 years since I stopped pastoring the local church at Southeast….and I gotta say, I miss the people…the Deaf people who I was ministering to. I miss the teamwork of the worship team…preparing every week for worship. I miss the fellowship after church. I miss the get-togethers during the week to catch up, support, and praying with each other.

While I see my own local city is in need of spiritual help, it has become harder to step back into serving for a local ministry. One reason is because since January 2013….me and my family have been without a “HOME” church. We have visited churches but nothing has hit home for us. The church that we were leaning towards just received some news that their senior pastor was moving to accept a position in another state. So that prayer was answered and it revealed that we do not belong at that church. So while my burdens still linger, my heart is heavy for the Deaf who are not active within a church.

The local Deaf church is doing well and we have visited it quite a few times. But the senior pastor there and me know that I need to be elsewhere serving and helping to reach out to more Deaf to know about Jesus.

I have even fancied the idea of God moving us out of state to elsewhere where He sees us needed the most. I know of several churches who would welcome us. But maturely, I will wait on the Lord to show us which and when.

May I ask that you pray for us in our journey…..no….better choice is to pray WITH us in our journey….. God bless!


One thought on “Burdens of the Heart

  1. I understand. It’s a lonely position to be in, but highly profitable!!! These dark nights of the soul are often the best places for rest and rejuvenation of the spirit.

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