Slowpoke Farm field trip

Its not often I get to go on a field trip with my kids due to work, meetings, or something else that needs my attention. I was supposed to be going to the annual Deaf Men’s Conference this weekend in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. But due to unforeseen situations, alot of people had to step out of that trip, which blessed me anyway. I got to go to the Slowpoke Farm today in Shepherdsville, Kentucky with my 5 yr old daughter, Faith and her kindergarten class. The last time I went on a field trip with either of my kids was when my oldest kid was 7 years old, which was 5 years ago.

Anyhow, the farm was nice. Its a mini-version of the Huber’s Farm in Indiana. We did some cool stuff that suitable for kids mostly. First off, we rolled pumpkins down the hill to see who could hit the target more…boys vs girls. Of course, the girls won. Then we strolled off into the pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins. After gathering all of the kids up from the patch, we headed over to eat lunch and fellowship some with other parents. Then the highlight of the day was the “hay-made maze” it was cool with the kids running around into dead-ends and running around to catch the other kids. We had a hayride, fed the cows, and fed the chickens as well. It was well worth it, probably more better than my time going to any conference.

For you dads or dads-to-be, cherish what you can with your kids, especially on field trips. I know Faith enjoyed my company today being able to take the time away from the office and my work to go and spend the day with her. If we are going to teach our kids that FAMILY is important, then we need to show that FAMILY is important to us dads too. Do I hear an “AMEN” out there?

Below are some of the pictures, enjoy!!





Trunk or Treat Night

We recently tonight went to our former church for their annual Trunk or Treat festival. We dont really beleive much in the Halloween parties, and scary stuff much. So in order to keep our kids in the festivities, we take them to church events. Here are some pictures below for your viewing…

Faith, our little angel

Faith, our little angel

TJ as Green Arrow

TJ as Smallville TV character    Green Arrow

Kamayla as our cheerleader

Kamayla as our cheerleader

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!