Thoughts for 2008

As of now, we are close to the half way point of the year in 2008. So many things to be thankful for and so many things to still improve on and so many things still left to start on. I say this because to be honest…ministry is a tough job, yes but it can be so much fun if we keep our joy into it. For those of you who know me, I am a workaholic when it comes to ministry. I will be in my office doing stuff for 4 or 5 different things such as an event coming up next week, or a workshop coming up next month or even now as I speak, I am planning ahead for the Christmas Party in December for our deaf ministry. But I come to realize, it is not so much how much I do for the people or for the community, all that matters is if my heart is in the right place, then God will be pleased. If my work does not please God, then what will my work be worth?

Recently I had been challenged a little by a visitor to our church who claims to have found “proof” that Jesus Christ is not real, that the Bible is another made up story just like other books, and that life is just how we plan it and live it. I nearly laughed but come to realize…wow! Didnt we all use to be like that at some point?

I’ve come to realize that it is times like this where someone needs to step up and say “Hey, dont talk about Jesus that way!” And sure enough, I did. I sent this person a very soft-hearted message and ended it with a blunt statement indicating that “you are not lukewarm” related to a lesson that I had bluntly put out there to our group back in April of this year. To this day, I havent heard anything more from them. I do not know if they are thinking, or fuming with anger, or simply just ignoring my message. But I come to ponder, how would Jesus have done it? I am sure Jesus had his many shares of more than one “doubting thomas” in the world….but wow, goodness…makes me fuming upset when people degrade Jesus like that.

other than this one person….ministry has been good so far. we started up several new branches or extensions from our deaf ministry such as marriage support groups, YODA (youth of deaf adults) for kids, ASL classes for beginners, ASL classes for level 2, and we have several others in process.

My biggest project will soon be revealed probably around October of this year but have to work out a few things before I can officially announce it. If all goes well, the deaf ministry in the metro louisville area as well as surrounding areas will be in for a big boost in deaf ministry resources and will be called to help in the project as well. 

I just recently got back from a deaf teen camp and have been trying hard to catch back up on my rest. The camp went very well. Better than I expected if you must know. Plenty of counselors to help and alot of great memories were made. But above all, God was in it and my prayer is that God continues within them when they reach home and so on.

I plan to volunteer this week at MDO (Mini Deaf Olympics) and plan to make some connections with some of the teens who may be living in the Louisville area but dont know about the deaf churches in our area as well. I have come to know that many of the deaf that I meet do not even know that there are two deaf churches in Louisville and become really shocked that one has been around much longer than the one that I pastor. So one of the reasons I am serving at MDO is to plant that bit of information into the deaf teens who may be living in the Louisville area as well as some of the volunteers who may be helping out this week as well.  Please keep the entire MDO staff and teens in your prayers this week.

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