God’s provisions – Reflecting on the last few months

I know its been awhile since I posted and I apologize for that. It seems when I get the motivation and time to do a blog post or two, something else pops up and God keeps me busy busy busy. I guess the Lord doesn’t want me to have “idle hands.”  God has been gracious to us and thats what I want to post about…His provisions.

There has been times when I looked into the Bible and read something and wonder what life would be like if I wasn’t involved in ministry at all. Even after my 15 years of ministry doing, this past year has been…bear with me…the “easiest at mind but burdened at heart”…does that even make sense? Knowing that there is much work to do but also knowing God will provide. One of my friends who I used to work with mentioned before that they “admired” me for my child-like faith. It is through that child-like faiith that has brought me from Point A to Point B over and over again.

In the past few months, I have traveled to several places and have seen the sheer will of God working endlessly in the hearts of people that He has brought into my path. You know that saying “God brings people into your life, sometimes they stay, sometimes they go, sometimes they cause trouble, sometimes they bring peace, but no matter the situation that they bring you…be an example so that they may remember the love of God”  I hold that quote close to my heart. It is one that I live with every day. It is the EXAMPLE that I work on myself to improve, so that the people can see the love of God daily.

So what if I am not preaching every week at a local church. I believe and KNOW God has other plans. So what if I am not recieving the 20+ calls on my videophone everyday, I believe and KNOW God made that happen so I can have more family time. So what if I am not leading any kind of Bible study with a group of believers at this time, I believe and KNOW God has held me back for some R&R. So what if you are reading this and rolling your eyes at what I just say, I believe and KNOW the best is yet to come. I know that in due time, God is going to unleash something that He wants me to be a part of. And that is where provisions come into the picture. I have thought long and hard about some of the things that has happened within my ministry experience that has been “stepping stones” and “life-lessons” for me. Alot of the lessons learned were preparing me to do what God wants me to do now.

What am I doing now? The local church now that I am attending is going through a slow process of building up relationships and spiritual development. Am I doing anything for the ones within the group? Up front, no…behind the scenes, yes. We just had our first Deaf Social event last night (March 16, 2012) and we had a great event. I was planned to be just the “tech-guy” for the event to control the lights, sound, computer, and music. I was determined to make sure that nothing went wrong. In the meetings beforehand, I had shared with our Deaf ministry leaders that I did not want to do any stage-work. No leading music, no speaking or quoting, no up front of the group at all. But that was “Steve” talking. And of course, God had to go out of the way and change things up. Don’t you hate that sometimes? 🙂 Two of our people were unable to come to the event to fulfill their duties and that left one song short….and whats sad….I tried to get others to take over that song slot. And apparently, God had other plans.

You gotta remember…its been since May 2011, since I have been up front preaching or singing or leading anything locally. But then I bowed my head behind that tech station while everyone was eating and fellowshipping and I said “God, is now the time?” and sure enough, I had found an old bulletin from a church that I had visited. On the front of it was a bold title that spoke to me. “REMEMBER YOUR CALLING” I froze and was almost tearing up.  Here I was in the back of the room, all alone, while everyone else was talking and eating….questioning God….and all along it was as if He was saying “Steve, remember your calling…GO!”

……..I caught my breath…..told the Deaf ministry leaders that I would close with the song if time permitted. When I got up on stage, all of those months of worrying…all those days of wondering if the rumors had died down enough……seeing all the people that had come up to me and asked me if I was okay and wondering and worried about me….it call came down to one simple solution….God’s provision….(sigh)….and I tell you what…God rocked it out! I had done that song before at concerts and worship services, but that one time…God did the song through me…not me.

So whenever you feel down…whenever you lose hope….whenever you feel like God isn’t listening….whenever you struggle….whenever you are frustrated….whenever temptation creeps into your mind….whenever you forget who the real Father is….whatever you are experiencing at this moment that is causing you to not think postive about church, pastors, God, etc…….I have one simple solution for you….PRAY… why? becasue God will always will provide….. may the Lord bless you today!

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